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Monarch butterflies will be available for events beginning April 15, 2017 until October 8, 2017.*

*Monarchs can only be shipped to locations EAST of the continental divide (unless they are a part of a package deal).
    Monarch Butterfly Pricing:
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1-3 dozen ........ $120  Special: $109 per dozen!
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4+ dozen ........ $115  Special: $99 per dozen!
     Butterflies include free individual butterfly release boxes.
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You may choose between an individual release, a mass release, or a combination of both. (Unless otherwise specified, all butterflies will be shipped in our free individual release boxes). If you would like to do a mass release or upgrade your individual release boxes, please be sure to check out our butterfly release packaging options.

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Buyers Beware! Not all butterfly companies are on the up-and-up. Quite a few companies have only recently entered this industry. Swallowtail Farms has been providing quality butterflies and service to our customers since 1993. Please be sure to check out the Buyers Beware! section of this website to help you in shopping for your supplier of live butterflies. But, don't just take our word for it - check out how The Better Business Bureau gives Swallowtail Farms an A+ rating!

Please be sure to read all about the details of having a butterfly release at your wedding. All butterflies are guaranteed to be alive and healthy due to our Flight Proven™ Technology and other special methods we use to ensure that our premium live monarch butterflies arrive to you healthy and ready to fly. We are the Original Butterfly Company and we fully guarantee our butterflies. (Last minute orders are our specialty!). Instruction sheets are included with each shipment of live butterflies, but you can also see instruction sheets here for transferring and storage of the butterflies.

Please view our assortment of butterfly release package options below:

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Mass Release Box for Butterfly Releases

Farrah Fawcett Releases Monarch
Butterfly from our Designer Box!
farrah fawcett releases live butterfly from designer butterfly release box

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